Hannah's store front

Hannah's Off The Square

In 2001, Hannah's opened its doors embracing the heart and soul of Denton. Now, over two decades later, our establishment has grown with support of our community. What once started in a simple space on Hickory Street now resides within these historic walls that was formerly a blacksmith, fostering an eclectic cuisine that mirrors the artistic essence of Denton.

Locally owned and operated by the same owner, ensuring unwavering commitment to Hannah’s and support to community outreach. We take pride in collaborating, as much as possible, with local farmers, ranchers, and businesses to bring you the finest offerings. Our dedication extends to the selection of wines, coffee, spices sourced from smaller producers to provide our customers with a distinctive and curated experience.

Chef Anton, with 25 years of global culinary experience, leads our kitchen with creative mastery. Trained in Europe and having worked internationally, he now calls our local community home. Enjoy his inspired creations on our menu, where his culinary artistry takes center stage. 

May your dining experience be as unforgettable as the joy found in preparing it for you!